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Crew Management

Bluebit Marine provides ship and Crew management services range from the initial planning stage, recruitment and selection, onboard placement and overall administration of crew which is safeguarded by us, establishing vital links between management, ship owners, crew and also their families, thereby making sure all matters are properly adhered and promptly dealt with. Bluebit Marine maintains a rigorous recruitment procedure with multi-layered interviews and continuous risk assessment of crew. Armed with a highly experienced and professional recruitment team, every aspect of the selection process exceeds the industry norms, STCW and ISM. Bluebit employs recruitment officers with a comprehensive understanding of CDI, TMSA and Client experience matrix requirements.

Our company acknowledges the fact that the most vital part of any organisation is its Human Resource. Therefore, seafarers are screened carefully, ensured to recruit and placed seafarers qualified and certified with STCW certification from the authorized and approved regulatory. Our services include the sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, scheduling, training and on-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels under crew management contracts.

Technical Management

Strenuous to operate to the absolute highest standards and anticipating quandaries before they recur have led us to enforce a well-structured and expeditious ship management system. However, the single most paramount factor in the performance of our managed ships is the crew. As such, we work very closely with each vessel and maintain constant communication with onboard staff. a perpetual open dialogue, regarding not only the vessel's condition and performance, but also any operational and personal predicament is encouraged and upheld. Meanwhile, customary physical inspections ascertain all guidelines and procedures for maintenance systems and repairs are rigorously followed.

Our technical ship management department ensures precise decisions are made when it matters most, scrutinizing every possibility, and considering all theoretical, practical, and statutory requirements within the maritime sector. Bluebit fully accentuate on meeting budget targets, achieved through established processes and efficiencies in maintenance, planning and delivery Ascertaining the ship holds all germane certificates to perform the voyages Technical and operational management of main fleet vessels, Offshore vessels, Dredgers, Coastal Vessels and passenger ships. Pro-active communication with vessels to remain au courant and anticipate potential issues. Close conformity and measuring of economic performances Persistent on the techno-commercial performance of the vessel by ascertaining that the vessel perpetually complies with charterer and stays on hire.